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Acoustic Elephants started in 2013 in The Netherlands. The initiative was taken by Rowdy B. and Boris R. with the aim to write and record songs with pop, soul and jazz influences, and to perform these songs “live and acoustic”.

Past works

In December 2013 our first debut single “Tenderhooks” was released, followed by a live performance of the love ballad “One Day Tomorrow”. In 2014 the studio version of “Everybody Wants To Be A Star” was recorded. At the end of 2014 the first album “Live & Acoustic” including 5 live tracks was released. At the beginning of 2015 we decided to release an exclusive mini album “Tenderhooks”.

Below you can watch one of our past works “Let the sun shine”, which is the first song on our debut album “Live & Acoustic”.

New album release

We are planning to record the existing songs with a small acoustic ensemble. These songs will be supplemented with new compositions. All songs will be released on a new album which is called “One Day Tomorrow”.


All our songs were recorded from a home studio. All initial invests were paid by ourselves. For the new album our goal is to reinforce Acoustic Elephants with studio musicians and to record the songs in a professional studio. Therefore we are raising money in order to be able to reach this new objective. The money will be used for;

  • rehearsal sessions
  • payments for the musicians
  • studio costs
  • mastering
  • art work
  • marketing and distribution

Our offer

For your support we offer our existing songs, the exclusive mini album “Tenderhooks”, together with the lyrics e-book. All offered content is directly downloadable.

We thank you for supporting us, and we wish you lots of joy listening to our songs and upcoming album(s).

Acoustic Elephants

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